Past Events

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Photo Gallery

Jerry Fleagle, the Executive Director of the Hoover Foundation in West Branch, Iowa, and his wife Linda visited HMHM with Leslie Hoover-Lauble and her husband Todd Lauble. Thank you Jerry and Linda, for coming to see Hoover's boyhood home in Oregon.
NSCDA-OR President Marjorie Wilson joins actress Jane Fellows and her husband, Steve Young, at the NSCDA-OR annual picnic.
Past HMHM Director Sarah Munro and a Colonial Dame volunteer welcome visitors to the Museum
Past Director Sarah Munro consults with the architect who drew plans of the Museum
Australian expert on Herbert Hoover visited the Museum on a trip around the United States
Expert on 19th century tools assists in identifying and evaluating the Museum's tool collection
Chehalem Parks and Recreation District care for the Museum grounds
Elizabeth Rocchia at the Old Fashioned Festival
Apples at the Museum
Jane Fellows first portrayed Lou Hoover in 2014 at the Newberg Friends Church. The performance received glowing praise. Photo by Steve Young.
Hoover's Birthday Cake
Cake is served on the lawn to celebrate Herbert Hoover's Birthday.